Recovery Pack

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Explore CBD’s Potential for Pain Management

Find fast relief after workouts and sports with two products that are designed especially for you: our Relief Realized Healing Stick and Body Bettered Soothing Patches. Tried and tested by our executive team, these CBD products for potential pain management blend the power of hemp with premium ingredients that may work to relieve pain, soothe inflammation and get you back to doing what you love most. Try this combo for yourself or give one to a friend. It’s the perfect support for an active lifestyle.

Targeted Formulas

CBD comes in many forms, and when it comes to CBD for potential muscle pain relief, you need the exact preparation that will help you SOAR™. In our popular Recovery Pack, we’ve included topical CBD in two different forms that may help you find the relief that you need.

  • Full-Spectrum CBD
    Our much-loved Healing Stick is infused with a full-spectrum hemp extract that includes just a trace amount of THC. Menthol works to soothe the muscles, while CBD, calendula, meadowsweet, and arnica may provide relief from post-workout or everyday pain and inflammation.
  • CBD Isolate
    With our Body Bettered Soothing Patches, experience slow-release CBD’s potential for pain management with CBD isolate. Made with enough CBD to last 72 hours, these patches may help provide targeted pain relief in the site of an injury, knot, or tension.

Helping You SOAR™

SOAR™ represents a community of individuals who have experienced the power of CBD first hand. As wellness, fitness, and yoga professionals, we know how important it is to stay active and support our lifestyles in holistic ways. To learn more about CBD’s potential for pain management, we invite you to read the articles in our blog and browse our line of CBD products.

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The patches if left for 3 days, really do deep work on tight muscles and sore areas.