The team behind SOAR™

So here we are. The team behind SOAR™. A group of like-minded, wellness-inspired, active enthusiasts keen to bring you the cleanest, organic, hemp-derived CBD products on the market. Don’t be fooled by our friendly smiles. When it comes to CBD, we’re as serious as it gets. We’ve all experienced its benefits and are passionate about offering the highest quality products to people like you – people who share our enthusiasm for movement, wellness and positivity.

We started SOAR™ in November of 2019. As people who spend much of our spare time taking classes, hiking trails or exploring lakes in our home state of Minnesota, we were surprised that with so many CBD brands hitting the market, there wasn’t a brand that truly spoke to us. There were clinical CBD brands, and beauty CBD brands, sexy CBD brands, and even trippy-looking CBD brands. But there wasn’t yet a brand that celebrated the combined benefits of CBD, positivity, wellness, and movement. So, we decided to launch one ourselves. And after exploring hundreds of possibilities, we decided to give it a name that, just by reading it aloud, made us all feel more positive, more empowered, more us. And, you guessed it, we called it SOAR™.

With SOAR™, our hope is to help as many of you address the pain, fear, doubt and exhaustion holding you back. To help you realize the true capabilities of you, and get more from every muscle, every movement, and every moment, every day. So, please spend some time getting to know our products and our brand . We’re proud of all of them. And if you have any questions or concerns, reach out. We’re only ever an email away.

Thanks for visiting and we truly hope you SOAR™.