The Powerful, Wide-Ranging Benefits of CBG Are Here.

CBG, one of hemp’s rarest cannabinoids, naturally supports energy and focus.


    • heightens energy and focus
    • may decrease anxiety & depression
    • reduces inflammation
    • slows bacterial growth

Energy Enhanced Peppermint Essence Tincture harnesses the best of the hemp plant, CBG and CBD, and adds MCT oil and B12 to enhance energy and increase focus.


CBG (cannabigerol), the most sought-after wellness component of hemp currently on the market, is being studied and used for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. Researchers are beginning to better understand its promise for treating conditions like anxiety, depression, pain and more.

When it comes to treating symptoms and specific conditions, current research indicates CBG’s tremendous potential as one of the most potent, therapeutically diverse cannabinoids that hemp and cannabis have to offer.


To learn more about CBG, how it works, and the additional benefits it provides, read our CBG Blog.

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