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Experience the power of CBD tinctures and how they may regulate your body’s natural cycles, ease soreness, and help you sleep at night. Premium tinctures from SOAR™ are specially crafted with natural ingredients to promote overall health and give your mind and body renewed vigor. We never include THC in our products, and there are no intoxicating properties or controlled substances for you to worry about. Discover our selection today!

Get Educated

We want you to get the most out of your hemp CBD tinctures for recovery, sleep, stress, or whatever daily discomfort you strive to alleviate. It’s important that you do your research to purchase the highest quality product on the market.

At SOAR™, we derive our CBD from legal hemp and use no pesticides, harmful solvents, or other harsh chemicals. You’ll find only the best ingredients in our products, whether you use our CBD tinctures for recovery, sleep issues, stress, energy enhancement, or general wellness. Check out our third-party lab reports for extensive details on our quality ingredients.

What is CBN?

There are far more cannabinoids in hemp than just CBD and THC (over 100, in fact!) and more are being discovered all the time. CBN, or cannabinol, is a rare cannabinoid that is best known for its potential effects on regulating sleep cycles. We use CBN and melatonin in our CBD tinctures for sleep in order to encourage maximum relaxation throughout the night.

Learn more about what CBN is here, and explore our Education blog for more information about cannabinoids, hemp CBD tinctures, and general wellness.

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