Solutions to help you soothe sore muscles and tackle pain & inflammation.

CBD may help the body and mind return to homeostasis and calm the pain receptors in your brain. More and more people are choosing CBD for recovery following a workout, injury, or chronic pain. Browse our selection of premium CBD topicals, tinctures, capsules, and more, and find a solution that works perfectly for you.


Ideal for Soreness

People who deal with everyday soreness and inflammation often struggle to find a consistent solution for their pain. CBD for recovery may help provide relief throughout the day and could potentially encourage cell repair. Better yet, it’s natural and has no known side effects!

CBD is a potential wellness solution and is not intended to replace medical treatment. As always, listen to your doctor and respect science!

Why CBD for Athletes Is So Popular

In many major league sports, athletes are turning away from dangerously addictive opioids and moving towards more natural solutions, and CBD for athletes is taking off.

Athletes, especially bodybuilders and professionals, have to deal with frequent pain and soreness either as a result of injury or muscle building. This discomfort leads many athletes to become dependent on medications, which can have lifelong effects. CBD for athletes has no known side effects, and is becoming more and more popular as a potential alternative to help athletes in their recovery.

Try CBD for Recovery Today

At SOAR™, we only use high-quality ingredients and GMP-certified production facilities. You’ll find nothing but the best CBD for athletes and active professionals here, and we have the third-party lab results to prove it.

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