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Types of CBD

Full spectrum CBD, broad spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate are all types of CBD that are created from CBD hemp extract. What makes them different, you ask? The number of naturally-occurring phytochemicals (like other cannabinoids and terpenes) each contains in addition to CBD. Each type of CBD offers an array of benefits and none are better than the other; the choice that’s best for you is dependent on a number of factors, including personal preferences.  

With that said, let’s dive in!

Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD comes with all the bells and whistles. Aside from CBD, it comes with all other phytochemicals naturally found in the hemp plant, including trace cannabinoids (like THC), terpenes, and essential oils. Full spectrum CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC to be considered legal in the US. That’s not enough to get you high, in case you were wondering.

Think of this type of CBD as a brand new car, complete with automatic everything (cannabinoids, including THC), the iconic new car smell (terpenes), and a sunroof (essential oils). 

The Pros and Cons of Full-Spectrum CBD

The full spectrum of active compounds extracted from hemp, often referred to as whole plant medicine, works synergistically to enhance the potential therapeutic benefits of each individual compound. This phenomenon is known as the Entourage Effect. A tenet of this theory is that the compounds found in hemp applies to cannabis-derived compounds as well — several hemp-derived compounds are more effective together than one compound on its own.

Although there’s not enough THC to induce a high or euphoria, those who are particularly sensitive to THC may experience mild sedative or other unwanted side effects. Another thing to note: full spectrum CBD may give you a false positive during a drug test if you regularly consume high doses of this type of CBD.

List of full spectrum CBD hemp extract uses

Broad Spectrum CBD

Continuing with our analogy of CBD as a new car, broad spectrum CBD has everything that full spectrum has to offer except the seats aren’t automatic. Make sense? This variation of CBD hemp extract retains all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and naturally occurring compounds, but the THC has been removed.

Although THC is noticeably absent from the party, the other compounds and cannabinoids left in the mix work together in harmony to bring you the benefits of the Entourage Effect.

Another analogy about the types of CBD comin’ atcha: Think of broad spectrum as the middle child between full spectrum and isolate. You’ll understand why in just a moment.

 List of broad spectrum CBD hemp extract uses

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is the purest of all of the types of CBD; it is the most refined variation and contains nothing but 99% pure CBD. Think of this as your base model: the car is still new and shiny and the windows are automatic, but you opted out of a sunroof and the new car smell has faded. It gets you from point A to point B just as nicely as anything, it’s just a slightly different type of ride.  

Due to the other naturally-occurring phytochemicals being stripped to make isolate, the entourage effect is not present with this variation, but you will be able to experience the potential uplifting benefits that CBD itself has to offer. And there are many!  

Oftentimes those who seek hemp-derived CBD isolate products may be sensitive to other cannabinoids. Isolate is also a great choice for athletes or anyone who goes through drug screening testing, as this type of CBD guarantees no one will test positive for THC.

List of CBD isolate hemp extract uses


Wrapping Up

We hope this helps you better understand the types of CBD and how to choose what variation of CBD may be best for you. The biggest difference between the three types is the presence of THC and other active phytochemicals, like terpenes and essential oils, retained in the extraction process. While no option is better than the other, certain options will better suit individuals based on their personal preferences and what they’re looking to accomplish with CBD hemp extract.

When purchasing SOAR™ products, you’ll notice all three types of CBD being used in different formats. We mindfully create each product with the type of CBD we feel best supports and enhances the intended usage and experience.

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