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The Ultimate Guide to CBD’s Topical Benefits

Hemp may just be your best friend when it comes to living a healthy life. In fact, our bodies seem to have been designed to use this remarkable plant for supporting wellness. If you already love our tinctures and gummies — or simply prefer to use hemp on your skin, join us for an exploration of CBD’s topical benefits and the types of CBD topicals at SOAR™. 

Why Topical CBD?

First things first: Why would you put cannabidiol on your skin instead of using an oral tincture? We know that sublingual CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream where it affects basically every bodily system, so how is topical CBD different?

The answer to CBD’s topical benefits lies in the way the endocannabinoid system is structured. Cannabinoid receptors (CB1 and CB2) are located throughout the central nervous system, internal organs, brain, and extremities, and can also be found in the tissues and layers very close to the skin. When you apply CBD topically, it acts more quickly and powerfully on the dermis and tissues than it can when taken as a sublingual tincture.

While much more clinical research is needed, studies so far have examined the effects of topical cannabidiol on a range of conditions — including acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, and inflammation. In the linked placebo-controlled trials, CBD reduced irritation, redness, pain, and scarring without unpleasant secondary effects. Customer testimonials also claim that CBD topicals can help to reduce discomfort. With no known serious risks, it’s certainly worth a try!

Types of CBD Topicals

As a community of health and fitness professionals, we’ve experienced CBD’s topical benefits first hand and are thrilled to bring you a range of topical CBD products that we are sure will enhance your life as well. Meet the full lineup of topical products featuring our organically sourced, lab-tested CBD:

Lip Balm

Personally, we wouldn’t go anywhere without our Softness Sealed Lip Balm. This soothing, softening, hydrating balm features 25mg of pure CBD isolate with Vitamin E and nourishing oils. Enjoy CBD’s topical benefits at home and on the go for softer, happier, and more hydrated lips.

Hydrating Cream

Our Moisture Maintained Soothing Cream is for your body what our lip balm is for your mouth — a refreshing, calming, hydrating balm that brings relief and moisture in seconds. Featuring 500mg of pure CBD isolate with essential oils and soothing aloe, this cream is perfect for nighttime relief.

Healing Stick

Sometimes, the wear and tear of an active lifestyle prevent us from achieving our goals. Our full spectrum Relief Realized Healing Stick is designed to bring localized relief to aching muscles so that you can recover more effectively after training and continue to strive for your personal best.

Cooling Roll-On

CBD’s topical benefits are more accessible than you could imagine with our Comfort Created Relief Roll-On. This roll-on features 250mg of pure CBD isolate along with refreshing camphor and menthol and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts. The convenient roll-on size fits snugly in your bag or pocket for quick relief when you’re on the go.

Soothing Patch

Our Body Bettered Soothing Patches provide the best in targeted relief with 50mg of pure CBD isolate in a slow-release polymeric resin patch. Simply apply the patch and forget all about it while you exercise, adventure, and conquer your list of to-dos for the day. We offer these patches in packs of one or three to help you achieve your goals with ease.

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Explore the Wonders of Hemp and SOAR™

With so many different types of CBD topicals, it’s easier than ever to incorporate CBD’s topical benefits into your lifestyle. The products that we’ve created at SOAR™ are all derived from organic hemp and tested in a third-party lab. Explore our complete line of topicals to learn more about our holistic approach and discover the benefits of CBD today!

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