Lucienne Olson

Lucienne Olson

Our ambassadors inspire us to do and be better every day. These movers and shakers are pillars in their communities and catalysts for change. They are determined to get the most out of their bodies and minds for themselves, while also focusing on making the world a better place for all. Not only do they climb mountains, but they move them. These extraordinary people embody what it truly means to SOAR™. Let’s get to know them.

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Tell us about yourself.

I am a health and wellness professional certified in personal training, yoga, fascial stretch therapy and professional bodybuilding. As a trainer and coach, I stand out for my ability to build relationships. I get to know my clients deeply and develop customized programming based on what works for them and their lifestyle. I work with every client through a holistic lens to help them achieve their personal goals as well as a balance of the mind, the body, and the soul. My passion for education sets me apart in the industry. I am constantly learning and teaching my clients about body awareness, proper form in training, the nutritional value in foods and how they’re interconnected in our overall health. I believe your best life imaginable is waiting for you to claim it on the other side of saying “YES” to yourself and embracing a new beginning.

What is a quote you live by, your mantra?

This is only the beginning.


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 What are your values?

I value courage, resiliency, authenticity and growth.

What is a goal you’re working towards?

Staying aware and present every day. 

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How do you move your body?

With balance! I love hard strength training, yin yoga, and everything in between. I value movement over exercise but when it is time to exercise, I love it!

What does self-care look like to you?

Self care is dynamic and comes in many forms. Self care to me is allowing myself to take rest days and/or planning for my meals. Building an inner dialogue allows you to listen to what you really need, mind, body and soul.

What are three things you are grateful for?

My children

My community 

Personal Growth

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