CBD and Fitness: How to Enhance Your Workout with CBD

CBD and Fitness: How to Enhance Your Workout with CBD

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Today’s post is especially for you. You’ve probably heard that athletes (including
personal trainer Lucienne Olson
) are using cannabidiol as part of their routine and might be wondering about the links between CBD and fitness. Fortunately, incorporating CBD into your workout is easy. Here are our top suggestions for pre-and post-workout CBD.


Whether you’re an early bird or a weekend warrior, getting motivated to exercise is usually the primary hurdle to overcome. For the half-hour to an hour before your workout, try these CBD products and recipes to jump-start your motivation:

Energy Enhanced CBG Tincture

Our peppermint-flavored Energy Enhanced CBG Tincture provides 1000mg CBD (per bottle) along with cannabigerol (CBG), Vitamin B12, and the sweetness of monk fruit. This tincture is ideal for use in the morning and before a workout to promote energy, attention, focus, and motivation, thanks to the synergy of the hemp-derived cannabinoids with energy-supporting Vitamin B12.

To incorporate this tincture effortlessly into your pre-workout routine, take a dropper under your tongue or whip up a choc-mint CBD workout smoothie. Our smoothie recipe can easily be combined with your favorite pre-workout powder for a dynamic, energizing, and strengthening blend.

Body Bettered CBD Patches

Muscle aches can be enough to discourage even the most hardened fitness warrior among us. For those days when you need some topical support, apply a Body Bettered CBD Patch before your workout — it’s so comfortable you might forget that it’s there!

Each patch contains 50mg CBD isolate on an acrylic/hydrocarbon polymeric resin patch and lasts up to 72 hours. Our customers say that these patches provide “long-lasting body ache relief,” making this an ideal pre-workout topical product to try when you want to push a little harder with your training.


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Recovery is where our collection really shines, and where we can truly attest to the power of cannabidiol. Try these tinctures and topicals after a workout for CBD support where you need it most:

Relief Realized Healing Stick

After a workout, our Relief Realized Healing Stick is designed to soothe sore muscles quickly. This popular balm features essential oils like eucalyptus and menthol in addition to moisturizing cocoa butter and shea for a fast cooling effect that penetrates the skin and leaves you feeling fresh.

Comfort Created Relief Roll-On

For targeted, localized relief, try our Comfort Created Relief Roll-On. Where our healing stick incorporates moisturization, Comfort Created focuses on relief from aches with cooling camphor and menthol plus lavender, peppermint, and frankincense.

Softness Sealed Lip Balm

After exercising outdoors, our Softness Sealed Lip Balm is the perfect all-purpose CBD workout follow-up for soothing chapped lips and sealing in moisture. This formula features CBD isolate along with shea butter, coconut oil, peppermint, and Vitamin E.

Time Taken Daily Gel Caps

The link between CBD and fitness goes beyond aching muscles and skin. For those times when you need help coming down post-workout, try our Time Taken Daily Gel Caps. Each easy-use CBD workout soft gel contains 25mg CBD along with ashwagandha, astragalus, Rhodiola, and other ancient herbs to help you refocus and get on with the day.

Body Bettered CBD Patches

Our Body Bettered CBD Patches can also be applied after a workout instead of before and are featured in our
recovery pack
. As each patch lasts for 72 hours and is resistant to moisture, you can keep it on for exercise and showering to enjoy the benefits all day (and night) long.

The Links between CBD and Fitness

At SOAR™, we’re passionate about adding CBD to your workout routine because we’ve tried it for ourselves and loved the results. Here are just a few ways that cannabidiol could support your routine:


First and foremost, cannabidiol could help with aches. Animal studies indicate that CBD could help to reduce swelling — an effect that several athletes have observed when they used CBD after training or a game.

Mental Power

Secondly, cannabidiol could help you feel more focused before, during, and after a workout. A randomized
controlled study
indicated that CBD might help with memory, and others observed that CBD might help to
reduce negative thoughts


Sleep is key to recovery and insufficient sleep impairs our ability to train. While cannabidiol is not a proven remedy for sleep, anecdotal reports indicate that people use CBD to help them relax and recharge for a more productive day (and workout).

Find Your CBD Workout Community at SOAR™

SOAR™ is much more than a brand. It’s a community of fitness and wellness enthusiasts seeking to live, train, and enjoy life at their best. To elevate and inspire your journey, we’re bringing together the best of CBD and fitness with education, success stories, and delicious recipes to sweeten the walk. Learn more about who we are and how you can use CBD to help you conquer every single day.

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