Josh Klane

Josh Klane

Josh is a handler for Wind Chill and is the team’s all-time assist leader. Josh has finished in the top 5 in the league in assists each of the past three regular seasons, having racked up an astounding 182 assists in that time frame. He also holds the franchise record for most career completions, as he’s thrown 500-plus each of the past three seasons.

One of the most dangerous deep throwers in the league, Klane is a threat every time he has the disc, able to place precision throws anywhere he chooses. His best season came in 2018, where he was named to the All-AUDL Second Team after amassing 57 assists, 21 goals, and 668 completions at a 95.8 percent clip.

Josh is Minnesota born-and-raised, but currently lives in Milwaukee where he is halfway through his accelerated nursing BSN program. His goal is to become a pediatric nurse.

How do you move your body?

I love to do a variety of different activities and I love to try new things. Aside from ultimate frisbee, my go-to’s are yoga, slacklining, running and basketball.

What are your values?

I value humor, vulnerability, and hard work.

What is a quote you live by?

Hakuna Matata: first of all, big Lion King fan but I really do try to embody this quote every day. I’m a care-free guy who doesn’t take life too seriously and I think that it helps keep things in perspective. I don’t want to get too high or too low.