Andy Secor

Andy Secor

From a young age, Andy was immediately drawn to sports and movement in all forms. Eventually, his interest turned into obsession about health in general and he set his sights on helping people maximize their own. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Andy spent the next five years working with some of the world's top athletes and sports performance companies.

Andy decided to return to school and continue his education. He now has his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree and works with The Center of Movement in Uptown, Minnesota. He is in love with the rush that comes from helping restore health in others, and he's excited to continue down that path moving forward.

How do you move your body?

Keeping things fun and novel is key. I love the juice you get from a group HIIT workout, CrossFit, kickboxing, etc. But I also need to balance that out with regular yoga, mobility work, jogging, climbing, and hiking. As long as I keep things fresh and exciting my brain and body stay dialed in.

What are your values?

Health, Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Curiosity, Gratitude, Action, Empathy, Grit, Open-mindedness. 

What is a quote you live by?

Be the change (you wish to see in the world).